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» a little loss of innocence (morgana pendragon)

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Do you think I just materialize out of the ether whenever you want me? That I exist in some suspended state of crypto-animation only made material when your balls tingle?
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» if these wings could fly (parrish x lydia)

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"new barneswald shipper and i was wondering if you could post a link to the vid and gifset everyone on the tag is talking about???"

I assume you’re talking about my vid and gifset since you came to my ask, but I don’t see anyone talking about them in the tag, so if you aren’t, then sorry. :c

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Without him…

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"The prey is deceived with sweet words and dragged into the darkness. To not notice the demon’s concealed power… Skillfully. Sweetly. Quietly."

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I knew I’d like medieval Clara, but… bloody hell. What am I to do with all the feels now?

I want to cosplay that.

And I also ship Clara with Robin now. And crosship with like a dozen medieval characters.

Well, sounds quite like what was bound to happen aka just like me. T_T

I guess I’ll vid something (Graham? Jefferson? Caspian? Why oh why do I love so many characters) or search for fabrics tomorrow. T_T

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"Those big, sad eyes. I always know."

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"History is a burden. Stories make us fly."

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» no more dreaming like a girl (dorian x clara x victor)

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*sigh* okay, I kind of want to crossover Clara with Penny Dreadful’s Victor? Or maybe Dorian? Or maybe both? xD Shhh, you all know I’m mad, no need to point that out.

Sorry for tagging this, but otherwise no one would probably reply, so… Thoughts?